Body of Work

Montecito Ranch Estates

While working at DMHA, Rachel took many residential projects from conception to construction.  Each project included most, if not all, of the responsibilities below:

- 3D Model, design development drawing set, schematic design drawing set, construction details, story pole plans, grading plans (Revit);
- Site visits and client meetings, as built drawings and field measurements;
- Attended Board of Architectural Review hearings;
- Coordinated with appropriate jurisdiction and submitted projects for permitting;
- Met with BAR members and/or planner on site;
- Revisions based on comments from City or County;
- Permits obtained include Land Use Permit (LUP), Building Permit, Grading Permit, Fire Protection Certificate, Certificate of Water Serviceability
- Departments coordinated with include: Fire Department, Environmental Health Services, Planning Department, Building Department, Transportation Department, Board of Architectural Review;
- Coordinated with and reviewed drawings, calculations and documents from consultants including: Civil engineer, landscape architect, structural engineer, Title 24 consultant


These logos were created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.  The graphic of the tree within a circle was created from the image of an existing logo, and updated and polished to create a higher quality image.  Using input from the client, a more modern logo was created, as well as different design and layout options.


2017 Freelance Project.

Havasu Hula

2019 Freelance Project. Digitized and vectorized hand drawn logo from scan. Logo was provided by client.


Igloo in the City


Freelance project for Steel Design Solutions.  The client needed specifications for multiple steel brackets, as well as model showing the bracket in use.  ​


Freelance graphic design project.  Using Adobe Photoshop, and stock imagery, these branding exercises were created.  The client wanted to see two different versions of the logo on potential screens. Using photoshop links, I was able to mock up each image with both potential logos.  

Evans Remodel

Firestone Remodel

Drawing sheet index:

Bathroom Vanity Design Options

Bathroom Elevations

Bathroom Floorplans

Shower Floorplan Options

Kitchen Elevations

Wine Bar Design Options

Bathroom Remodel


Created box specifications and design. Completed in 2018.