Montecito Ranch Estates - Residential

While working at DMHA, Rachel took many residential projects from conception to construction.  Each project included most, if not all, of the responsibilities below:

- 3D Model, design development drawing set, schematic design drawing set, construction details, story pole plans, grading plans (Revit);
- Site visits and client meetings, as built drawings and field measurements;
- Attended Board of Architectural Review hearings;
- Coordinated with appropriate jurisdiction and submitted projects for permitting;
- Met with BAR members and/or planner on site;
- Revisions based on comments from City or County;
- Permits obtained include Land Use Permit (LUP), Building Permit, Grading Permit, Fire Protection Certificate, Certificate of Water Serviceability
- Departments coordinated with include: Fire Department, Environmental Health Services, Planning Department, Building Department, Transportation Department, Board of Architectural Review;
- Coordinated with and reviewed drawings, calculations and documents from consultants including: Civil engineer, landscape architect, structural engineer, Title 24 consultant

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