Graduate Work at RISD
Hilltop Theatre Design

The Hilltop Theatre was designed using the site analysis and movement analysis outlined earlier in this portfolio. The site analysis was done with light as the most important parameter. In any theatre, the story only comes to life once the set and the lights come into play. To ease the transition of the theatre goers from the outside, public space into the inside, private space, the lighting on the public space of the site acts as a buffer. Using the patterns that the lights create on the site, I imagined the luminessense as a spacial condition, creating ‘centers’ that the theatre can organically form around.

The Hilltop Theater design was based on a site specific analysis of light and movement. The resulting design, shown here, emphasizes the way the light pools and aggregates on the site, adding to the possible surfaces the light can interact with. The form was made using intersecting, directional cones, representing the directionality of light. These developable surfaces and the intersection between them create spatial opportunities.

All work is the property of Rachel Back and can not be reproduce, replicated, or used without permission.