Graduate Work at RISD
Interactive Building Systems Office Design

The Urban Regenerative Office Building is a proposed mixed use building in Providence, Rhode Island, designed by a team while attending the Rhode Island School of Design as part of the Integrated Building Systems studio.


The Urban Regenerative Office Building project was designed with the relevant codes of the site jurisdiction, the Providence Zoning Ordinance Articles #9 and #11 (W2 - Waterfront Districts, ES East Side I-195 Overlay District), Rhode Island State Building Code, and the International Building Code. The site analysis for this project included researching the public transportation to and from the site, the wind paths, sun paths, climate analysis, and psychrometric charts.  Solar panels cover the roof, and are designed to collect and filter rain water.

The drawing set, contains the following sheets:

Site Analysis

Proposed Floorplans

Proposed Elevations

Building Sections

Wall Sections

Brick Facade Details

Solar Panel Details

Interior Details

Structural Framing Plan

Mechanical Plans

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Electrical Plans

Plumbing Plans

Egress Pathways 

Fire Safety Plan and Signage

Cost Comparison Analysis