Graduate Work at RISD
Movement Analysis

An important aspect of architecture is understanding how a human will interact with your design. Moving through a building, a person will move from one threshold to another, and designing for this interaction will elevate a design to the next level.

These drawings are a study of movement and the human form, through multiple dimensions.  The drawing to the far left uses line work to show the directionality of each movement.  The second drawing to the left begins to identify the most densely used regions as the body moves thru space.  The second drawing from the right begins to reimagine these movements as a solid form.  Finally, the drawing on the far right captures the space occupied thru the body’s motion.

To begin this design, I tracked the legs, arms, head and torso as they passed through a threshold. Using vertical, horizontal and arched hatching, I have represented the movement over time through this threshold.  My goal was to represent three dimensional movement in a two dimension drawing.