Proximity, Interaction, Evolution
Mundane Systems

In order to emulate the self similar patterns of a leaf, this drawing was created directly on a wall, which is constantly penetrated and painted over. The constant use of the wall creates a randomized landscape.

Each drawn line follows the path of least resistance, bending and curving around bumps, pooling and converging in valleys, and finally terminating in holes. The resulting drawing is that of self-similar, yet not self-repeating patterns.

By inverting the colors, the landscape of the wall becomes more apparent.

System Components:

Parameters (Landscape of the wall)

Actors (Layers of paint on the wall)

Reactors (Drawn lines on the wall)

This same system can be deployed at any scale, and often is thru out nature. Leaf veins, river beds, and bird migration patterns all follow a similar system, all with different goals, and therefore, different parameters.