Graduate Work at RISD
Bayard Ewing Building Active & Passive Interventions

The Bayard Ewing Building is the architectural studies building on the campus of Rhode Island School of Design. This project focused on the student studios on the fourth floor. The fourth floor studio space is oriented east and west, with most of the windows on these faces. The studio is often hot, the building heating systems pump hot air into the building, which rises. The windows are often closed, trapping the hot air in the studio. Architectural students occupy the building through out the year, and the heat needs to be evenly distributed.

Different passive cooling interventions were analyzed for the fourth floor studio. Wind driven cooling, night flushing, and stack effect cooling are shown in the diagram to the left. Using weather data for Providence, RI, wind driven cooling was tested by controlling which windows remained opened and closed. The final intervention proposal combines both passive and active cooling solutions