Proximity, Interaction, Evolution

The Proximity shared housing proposal explores the idea of sharing space while remaining private. There is a wall that separates the two units. As more spaces were needed, this wall was pushed and pulled.

The tenants always share the responsibility of the utilities, but do not directly interact.

A skylight runs along the top of this wall, which is made of two panels of glass. Within the glass, there is a base of reflective material. This reflects the color of the sky, or outside conditions onto the interior walls.

The spaces which have this projection have no windows, and are intended to be introspective. These spaces are the most private in the unit. Finally, the tenants share a kitchen, and it is the only space that they do share.

This becomes the new central hearth.

Each unit is shown by a shade of red in the floorplan. The units only share a space in the center, intended to be used as the kitchen.