Graduate Work at RISD
Swiss Pavilion Analysis

This collection of drawings and videos reflect the analysis of the Swiss Pavilion (Le Corbusier)

Research and analysis are very important aspects of any practice. These drawings were done as a part of a studio course at Rhode Island School of Design which devoted the entire semester to analyzing, drawing, and conceptually exploring a specific site. I was tasked with exploring the Swiss Pavilion by Le Corbusier.

Through the analysis of the Swiss Pavilion, I became interested in the exterior pilotis (columns), and how Le Corbusier might have developed the curves used to create them. I started by analyzing how the shapes are related to each other, and then tried to understand how I could use these relationships to inform new curves in the same manner.

I analyzed the geometry of the shapes, and created a tool that can be used to both measure and draw new shapes. Using the tool I have created, countless iterations of of pilotis shapes are possible.