Graduate Work at RISD
Urban Housing

Urban Housing

After selecting a specific space in downtown Providence, RI, this master plan parti was created. The spaces were dictated by the need to connect to the three programmatic communities (residential, educational, medical). The parti designated the residential and commercial spaces. The highlighted blocks were designed further, with townhomes and an apartment building being designed for the sites. The townhome design and apartment complex design can be found on subsequent pages.

Urban Dorms​

This Urban housing design proposes an apartment complex aimed at maximizing space and minimizing utility usage. The building has a cafe and restaurant that utilize the rooftop green house. Communal laundry rooms on each floor replace in unit laundry. While some units have kitchenettes, there are also communal kitchens where residents can cook and entertain guests. Sharing a full kitchen may be unconventional in this setting, but can cut back on costs and utility usage, making urban living more affordable to lower income residents.

Urban Townhome

The Urban townhome design maximizes space and prioritizes sunlight and privacy. Each unit has a private garage, and balcony. The placement of the units on site allows residents to use the outside space while maintaining privacy.