Graduate Work at RISD
Waterfront Research Facility

This design began as a simple cube. The cube was divided into thirds, and each piece was pushed, pulled, and sheared to create new spaces within and around the original form. This model informed the basis of the building design for the Waterfront Research Facility, as part of a studio at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The undulating mass of the building is meant to honor the waves of the ocean, and also allow for circulation thru out the building. The model started as a simple cube, which was then sheared and moved to mimic the waves of the ocean. This push and pull created new spaces.

The goal of the design for the research facility on the water is to emulate the surrounding environment while providing spaces that can be used for all types of research. These undulations provide outdoor spaces at multiple elevations that can be used as space for solar power collection, wind power collection, or green roof. The model below shows the beginning mass of the building, and the layers which are then undulated to create the final form on the left.