PCH Sunset

Driving from Ventura to Santa Barbara, California, is always a beautiful drive. Today, however, was exceptional. I was doing an event outside (with my puzzle boxes, check out UnlockedDesigns.com!), seeing a cold and gloomy California day. It wasn't actually very cold, but it was a stark contrast from the dreamy weather of the last few months. There was a blanket of dull clouds looming low over the city, blocking out all the blue skies and sunlight.

Once the event ended, I got in my car, turned on the radio, and headed north to Santa Barbara. As soon as I got on the highway, I knew I had been wrong all day. That gloomy blanket of cloud, which blocked out the sun all day, was now an amplifier. It took the glow of the sun, and magnified it, taking from a simple sunset, to a magnificent display of the color spectrum. Colors I have never seen together, occurring at once, right in front of me. I was compelled to pull over, and parked at a beach off the PCH. These are the images I took.

Although I was only parked for a few minutes, the images have a variety of color. The sky was changing color so frequently, no two images are the same. I felt guilty for being so upset about the 'bad weather', and now enjoying it so much. The clouds were creating this overwhelmingly beautiful effect, I could almost physically feel the intensity of the colors.

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