Discovery - July 12

Entry from the 2020 Travel Stories: Discovery

Day: 2

Miles: 300mi

Places: Redwoods State Park, Felton, CA

Davenport, CA

Half Moon Bay, CA

San Francisco, CA

Willits, CA

Legget, CA

I woke up early and drove about 30 miles north before stopping for breakfast at Scott Creek in Davenport, CA.  Still without an organizational structure, I moved some things around in the car and ate cereal.  I drove thru Half Moon Bay and was excited to pass a sandy beach on the way.  I drove into the town heading towards San Francisco.  

It was here that I saw my first drive thru coffee stand of the trip.  I guess they are normal, but in the early days of quarantine, it seemed like a perfect compromise.  This one was fantastic, AJ's Coffee in Half Moon Bay, CA. The hot coffee, even on a summer day, gave me the jump I needed for an exploration and I allowed myself 4 hours in San Fransisco.  I knew I  had to get back on the road before dark because I had no where to camp in the city.  

I cruised around the city for a bit, shocked at how empty the streets were.  Not only were they empty of people, they were empty of trees, or elevational architectural elements.  The houses felt so harsh and arid and unoccupied.  I only explored a bit further before heading to a different area of town, this time in search of a snack. 

I found a perfect spot, the Chase Luck Bakery.  For just under $5 I ordered 3 types of dim sum, each at the suggestion of the cashier.  Each was different, delicious, and filled me with more wonder for the new things I would experience on this journey.

Before I head out of San Fransisco I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was magnificent.  The details in the metal were exquisite and the color was engulfing.  I tried my best to watch the road while stealing glimpses of as much as I could.  It stood so tall and mighty and I dreamt of walking atop the cables.  Once I left I felt fulfilled with the experience and was ready to leave the known for the unknown.  I had no destination between San Fransisco and Glacier, MT, everything in between was a bonus.  I slept in Leggett, CA anxious for what came next.  

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