Discovery - July 14

Entry from the 2020 Travel Stories: Discovery

Day: 4

Miles: 61mi

Places: Crescent City, CA

Gold Beach, OR

Beach near the Redwoods in California
Foggy beach near the Redwoods in California

When I woke up I was ready to leave California.  I had no idea what awaited me, but I was ready for the next chapter to begin.

Cooking breakfast on the coast

Before I left, I soaked in the beauty of the place that I was in.  I made breakfast next to the beach and tried to be as present as possible.  I set up my stove and made enough pancakes for a good breakfast as well as snacks for later.  I also scrambled up an egg and made coffee to fill my carafe for the day.  

People began arriving to walk their dogs, run along the beach, and depart for long hikes into the forested areas lining the coast.  I sat there, listening to the ocean, feeling the sun, taking in the place where I was, storing the memory in an easily accessible space. The air was brisk and sun was hot, and finally it was time to move on.  

When I finally crossed into Oregon, I felt like a new person.  The scenery seemed to immediately change.  All of the sudden I felt as if I was in the Pacific North West, when I had only been on the coast just a few miles prior.  I parked  along a cliffside of this new coast, and began noticing all the berries growing around me.  The colors of the fruits gave me the feeling of wonder I had been looking for.  I wasn’t sure if I  was ready to leave the coast and go inward, but I needed to move forward.  

San Franscico had been enough city for me for a while, so I made every attempt to skip Portland and Seattle.  I needed to go inland towards Corvallis, where I was going to stay with my brother for a few days.   

Berries on the coast of Oregon
Berries on the coast of Oregon

The last few days had been without cell service or internet access, so I knew I needed to find a place to stop and camp early while it was still light out.  I stopped at the first place I found, only 1.5 hours north of where I started, just over the Oregon border in Gold Beach. 

Campsite at Indian Creek Campground in Gold Beach, OR
Campsite at Indian Creek Campground in Gold Beach, OR

I found a lovely campsite called the Indian Creek Campground, and paid for a nice spot next to the creek. I set up my hammock and headed back into town for the grocery store, a local McKay’s market. I also bought some beef bacon in the shop at the camp which was from a local butcher. 

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