Discovery - July 16

Entry from the 2020 Travel Stories: Discovery

Day: 6

Miles: 247mi

Places: Gold Beach, OR

Langlois, OR

Bandon, OR

Coos Bay, OR

Corvallis, OR

Indian Creek Campground in Gold Beach, OR

I woke up refreshed and began my day by making breakfast on an open fire.  It felt like it was time to move on, but I felt a connection to the space around me.  Instead of stalling, I took this feeling as a good omen for what was to come.  This next drive would mark the end of my drive up the coast.  Although it had not yet been even a week on the road, I felt as tho I had been gone for a month.  The anxiety I had felt all year had melted away with the cellular service.  

Feeling fully reenergized and excited for what was to come, I packed my things and got ready to leave.

Tunnel in Southern Oregon

The road to Corvallis

The road to Corvallis

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