Discovery - July 19

Entry from the 2020 Travel Stories: Discovery

Day: 9

Miles: 403mi

Places: Opal Creek Recreation Area, OR

Detroit, OR

Clackamas River, OR

Mt. Hood, OR

Columbia River Gorge 

Before breaking down camp and getting back on the road, we foraged for blueberries and huckleberries.  We ate breakfast and got back on the road, heading back towards Detroit, Oregon.

Driving in Detroit, Oregon

We passed a few more campsites, before coming past the “No Camping Past This Sign” posting and pulling into the clearing.  

Detroit Lake, Detroit, Oregon

We parked our car at the pull off before where you would merge back onto the main road before crossing into town.  Here we saw some ducklings, and dipped our feet in the water.  The lake was a beautiful blue and brisk to the touch.  We ate lunch before getting back in the car and fueling up at the local gas station.  

Detroit Lake, Detroit, Oregon

I descended into a valley of trees so tall I could not see what was coming over the horizon. With the trees came an overwhelming sense of belonging, and calm. They guided me along my journey into this space.

Driving in Northern Oregon

My next stop was in the town of Mt. Hood, an orchard called Mt. View Orchards.  Here I stretched my legs and rested my eyes on the mountain, tired from the ever changing landscapes encountered while in motion.  

Mt. Hood, Oregon

The cherries were fresh, aromatic, and delicious.  I bought a bag of each variety and slowly walked back to my car, taking as much time to remember my surroundings as possible.

Cherries in Mt. Hood, Oregon

I continued on my way, excited to reach Washington, unsure of what would come next.I meandered up and down the Columbia River Gorge, hoping to find a free campsite along the way.

As I drove I was enamored with the cherry trees passing by in the orchards. The fruits were so plentiful and bright, shiny, red.  A gorgeous adornment to speckle the landscape on my long drive.  After consulting my map, I decided that Packwood, Washington would be the perfect place to stop on my way to Mt. Rainier, and then to Glacier.  I drove on.  

Driving in Northern Oregon

The vastness of California had confused my spatial awareness, and I felt that I would be in Oregon forever, until I quickly reached the Washington border.  I drove across the border hastily, ready to get to Mt. Rainier.  I crossed over into Washington and found a place to camp for the evening.  

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