In Progress: On the Water, in Providence RI

Every architecture student, designer, and artist, has projects that they just can not put down. This is one of my on going projects. Through out the years, I have always come back to it, tinkered with it, and used a discovery in another project. Somehow, this project, has persisted, never being resolved, always changing. I have used it as a playground for thought, testing new ideas, in weird ways. Pushing and pulling the pieces, until a new form is born.

On the Water is one of the first architectural design projects I started at Rhode Island School of Design, and has continued to be one of my favorites to return to. The project was proposed right on the water, just a few blocks from the RISD Architecture studio. The project imagined an academic facility to be developed on an empty lot, over looking a picturesque, New England view.

From the beginning, I wanted to project to have a physical interaction with the water, imitating the abandoned piers just downstream of the the site.

The massing model was made by dividing a cube into three planes, and then manipulating those planes to create circulation.

The first design shows the undulating planes interacting with the water.

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