Creating a Portfolio - Pages or Spreads?

InDesign makes it is quite easy to set you document size and either single or facing pages. To toggle between single and facing pages in InDesign, navigate to the InDesign menu bar and click "File". Scroll down to the "Documents Setup"

Once you have clicked on "Document Setup" and the menu comes up, you can choose to either check or uncheck the "Facing Pages" box. This will change your document between having single pages, or a collection of spreads.

Now that you have chosen how you want to set up your document, make sure you are exporting it correctly once you are finished. Navigate back to the "File" menu, and scroll down to "Export"

Once the save dialog box opens, name your document and click next. In this menu box, you will see an option next to "Export As" to either check "Pages" or "Spreads". Pages will print your document as single pages, spreads will print your document as facing pages.

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