InDesign Basics - Tips & Tricks

Is your portfolio lagging when you edit it in InDesign? A quick way to get faster editing is to lower the display performance of your links. There are three options; Fast Display, Typical Display, and High Quality Display. Fast display will represent the image with a gray box. Typical display will show a low quality representation of the image, and High Quality display shows a very high quality image (duh).

To change your display performance:

  1. Navigate to the menu bar

  2. Click "View", and scroll down toe "Display Performance"

  3. Select either "Fast Display", "Typical Display", or "High Quality Display"

View tool bar in InDesign
Navigate to the view menu bar in InDesign

Fast Display performance selection InDesign
Select your preferred display performance

Typical Display performance selection InDesign

High Quality Display performance selection InDesign

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